Prefab Homes


Prefab Homes

Green Terra Homes was founded in 2012 and its main office is headquartered in Ontario, Canada. Green Terra Homes can build a pre-fab home that is between one and five bedrooms in a single story building. The company will also build garages, barns, sheds, and stables. They can also make special accommodations for people with special needs. The homes can be wheelchair accessible and everything from light switches to cabinets and counters can be lowered to accommodate little people. Why should you consider a prefab homes?

More Affordable

The homes cost far less than homes that are built on their permanent site. A tiny one-bedroom, one-bath home can run under $45,000. A home built on site with one bedroom and bath can run twice as much. Green Terra Homes puts the owner in charge of the budget and timing of the construction.

Unlimited Choices

Many people who buy new homes that are in the process of being built have only a few choices from door styles, flooring, style of kitchen, bathrooms, and living room. Green Terra offers a countless amount of choices for customizing your home the way you want it. You don't have to settle for the small amount of choices that you get when buying a brand new to-be-built traditional home. In fact, if you are not satisfied with the choices Green Terra Homes gives you, they have a house engineer who will work with you to make sure the rooms are the size that you want, reconfiguring rooms and adding or subtracting windows to your taste. The styles vary from weekend cottages, traditional, country, or colonial.

Structure is Sound

The homes are made from strong steel frames. Steel is sturdier and will not rot, crack or warp like traditional home materials.